So I have continued playing World of Warcraft under Linux. Mostly happy about it as it seems most of my performance issues are on the Blizzard side ie. server overload or bandwith saturation on their side. Also noticed that the Wine guys have World of Warcraft going in OpenGL mode now, which is very cool. Cedega, which I now use, is only able to get it working with the essential minimap in DX9 mode, which is supposed to be slower. Big thumbs up to the wine developers. As soon as a release with the needed fixes are out I will try switching over. Considering that World of Warcraft is still the game getting most votes I hope that Transgaming continue improving their support though. One thing I am curios about wether I will be able to get working is the surround sound.

I am now a level 16 Gnome warrior (what else :) and are thinking of trying to set up a guild for Linux using players. Any other european players out there interested in joining let me know, I am on the Agamaggan realm, currently exploring the area around Darkshore.