I love foo

So to get my advogato rdf feeds fixed Wingo did a little xmlrpc magic on them. Which is why some planets have featured repeated ‘foo’ messages from me today. But tomorrow that will all be forgotten and the world can move on.

Ryan Gordon – the ultimate game porter

Noticed on Linuxgames that Ryan ‘Icculus’ Gordon did a Linux port of the newly released Shadow Warrior code released by 3D Realms. He posted a screenshot as proof and I was happy to see him using GNOME. Always nice to see it when people who user their Linux desktop as a tool to do other types of coding/work choose GNOME as it means we are having some success in making the desktop be an asset and not a problem for doing work.


Thomas and Wingo are doing some great work on Flumotion these days and a new release is planned today. We are really getting there in terms of robustness and basic features. Think Flumotion at this point is a much better option for Live streaming than icecast for instance and it will only get better.

Office pains

Tried to export a document from OpenWriter2 to RTF format today so I could send it to a customer. Decided to QA the document by openinng it in Abiword to see that it looked ok. Looked almost ok except the â,¬ (Euro) signs where borked. So I tried loading the OpenOffice generated RTF back into OpenOfffice…horror. The layout was completly broken. Ended up filing bug reports against both OO for the complete brokenness and against Abiword for the Euro symbol issue (although I think OOo is the sinner also in that case.)