Clipart planet

Seems I am now syndicated by a new planet, planet Open Clipart, which is the home of people involved with the project and also Inkscape. Hopefully we get the new system for openclipart going so I can fix the remaining problems with the flag collection on openclipart. Guess I could suggest that Caleb and Dom gets added to the clipart planet too as their librsvg work is clearly related.


Working on fleshing out parts of our business plan currently, or rather fix pricing systems and levels. I think setting prices is one of the things that feels very easy in theory, but quickly gets complicated when you actually are to do it. Various pricing methods upstream doesn’t make it easier of course and there is the question of what sort of customer behaviour you want to ecourage. When your software is designed differently than your competitors you for instance want a pricing model which encourages use in ways that fits your design instead of pricing that encourages use which nullifies some of your advantages.


Been doing some spring cleaning over the last few days to prepare for gettting some friends from Norway over next weekend. Incredible how nice the appartment looks when everything is clean and ordered. Was also feeling less than optimal this weekend, which lead me to skip going to a party. I found out later that the party was actually not just a party, but a birthday party, which made me feel bad about not pressuring myself to at least make an appearance.

One thing I had decided with myself moving to Spain was to try and improve my diet, by doing away with frozen pizza and similar. To some degree I have succeded as my consumption of frozen pizza is very low now. That said I haven’t managed to make my diet more varied which was the reason for my inital decision, I just replaced the frozen pizza with spanish sausages and similar food. Think I need to buy myself a cooking book and do one dish per day in order to get my diet to be as varied and healthy as I want.