I was writing up a list of GNOME Foundation members who I new worked for a company on GNOME for a friend the other day. The end result was 85 people. What struck me was that its a rather sizeable number, don’ t think its many other open source projects that can claim more fulltime people, and what is even more amazing is that the number 85 doesn’ t even include all people as I know there are many people working on GNOME as their job, but who are not members of the Foundation.

Zeeshan’ s new job

Speaking on working on free software. Zeeshan announced in his latest blog that he got a job with Movial, which will among other things include GStreamer hacking. Congratulations Zeeshan!

He also left it to me to say why he got the job. Not working at Movial and only having talked briefly with them I don’ t know their actual reasons of course.

But the fact that Zeeshan have managed to overcome the hurdles of coming from one of the least developed areas in pakistan, the language barrier and the culture gap to participate in GStreamer development says a lot of really good things about Zeeshan.

On top of that I think that in general participation in open source indicates a person with initiative and good ability for self motivation, which are truly valuable skills in the eyes of any company looking for people to hire.

Fluendo marketing

So since Fluendo is a fast moving company we need to be associated with fast moving things. If you are into racing make sure to look for this beauty on the tracks in June(final design might wary a bit from that image).