First day at work for Michael Smith today, he still hasn’t got a blog, but I am sure we can remedy that soon. Unfortunatly due to a messup with Dell he still hasn’t gotten his laptop and will have to make do with one of the stationary machines for the time being. Anyway its good to have him inhouse, when Jan arrives will will start to have a sizeable group of people. One thing I noticed is how vulnerable you are when you are just 1-2 persons working on something, it means that if someone goes away be it vacation/sickenss or whatever things tend to stop up. With our recent additions we will become more agile and able to cope easier with changing priorities and urgent customer needs, or vacations :)

I think we will need to hire additional people quite soon with the contract pipeline we have, but our current level of outsourcing is making it not urgent at least.

GNOME Themes Extras

After a long time I found in the coming I finally managed to sit down on Sunday and work through the issues of getting the new GTK+ icon themeing working. Updated Nuvola and CVS g-t-e now have a iconrc free setup. Needs a bit more polish to be perfect, in terms of adding more stock icons etc., but I think I can do a new release soon. Hopefully I be able to integrate Jimmac’s Gorilla updates too.

Will hopefully be able to get going on the Open Clipart updating too with the new DMS system seemingly running, just need to corner Bryce on IRC first to get the details on how :)

Ogg continued

Saw people replying to my Ogg post, mostly stating what I somewhat expected, they really like to try using Ogg, but the tools are a bit raw yet. ffmpeg2theora or my own GStreamer based transcoding script gets the job done, but quality of the transcoding varies a lot, often leaving a unusable result as was Jono’s experience. Well I hope that within a couple of months we have Pitivi working so well that distro’s start bundling it and giving people a tool to transcode their DV’s and other media files into Ogg. Why must world domination be such hard work to achieve….

Migrating blog

So I am still contemplating migrating my blog over to blogs.gnome.org. I guess I am waiting for someone else to migrate over from Advogato first, so I can just steal their scripts for migrating my blog history over :)