RTP everywhere, all the time

It is strange how things change. The GStreamer 0.8 to 0.9/0.10 change have little to do with RTP (although RTP also benefits from some of the improvements) yet where we had next to no RTP support in GStreamer 0.8 I think almost 40% of current GStreamer 0.9/0.10 development is originating in RTP related projects. There is of course the work we are doing at Fluendo in regards to adding RTP support to Flumotion, but there is also the work being done by the Farsight project which wants to add support for video conferencing interoperability with all the proprietary instant messaging clients, then there is the Tapioca VOIP project done by the guys at the Brazilian Instituto Nokia de Tecnologia. And there is of course the Maemo/770 VOIP work being done by Movial and Nokia in Helsinki. One things that is sure is that GStreamer 0.9/0.10 is becoming a RTP powerhouse :) Hopefully we can get started on the RTP implementations for Vorbis and Theora soon too, as Luca Barbato have being doing a good job of moving that effort forward.

Other news

Finally got my Vampyros Lesbos DVD, although I am noticing a sliver of scepticism among my co-workers for how good it really is. Guess they don’t appreciate quality in the same way I do.