Adventures in Solaris – Chapter 2

Ok, first of all thanks to those who posted to my previous blog mentioning pkg-get, it somewhat like what I wanted (but my experience so far wants me to label it the paralympics version of apt-get).

Anyway my Solaris goal of the day was to get GStreamer installed and working. Which turned out to be easier said than done. First of all Solaris seems to be a system where no matter how many ‘bin’ directories you add to your PATH you always seem to need some more.

Secondly configure fails to find a working C compiler, even if I install Sun Studio 11. Just getting a message about my compiler not being able to create binaries. The reason for this according to my config.log seems to be being unable to access a file. Which doesn’t suprise me as the file is in a directory called amd64. Which either means I got the wrong version of Sun Studio 11 installed or it is missing this file for my 32 bit system.

Got a little disapointed in pkgbuild too, but I guess that was due to having to high expectations. It is not like I am able to use my Fedora SPEC files on Mandriva or Novel Linux either without editing it.


#1 Alan on 11.19.05 at 09:21

Oi! The paralympics are awesome. An incredible melding of man and machine. It is like Formula 1 in some ways. When I watch it I cannot help but think of the Six Million Dollar Man (and the Bionic Woman).

Choose your metaphors carefully.

#2 Laca on 11.20.05 at 06:07

Well, you do need to edit your spec files, even if only to
change the dependencies to the Solaris equivalents.
If you find inconsitencies/missing features you need, please
let me know. pkgbuild currently supports whatever we used
in JDS/SuSE and JDS/Solaris. I’m adding stuff as people
request them or as I discover missing bits and pieces.

#3 tmccubbin on 11.20.05 at 12:00

You may want to check out nexenta os (, which is the opensolaris kernel & tools wrapped up as a debian distro…kind of ubuntu solaris. i installed it on an extra dual amd 1800 mp box, and i must say that it performs considerable better than the same running linux. (fc4 or suse 10) no question the menu’s pop up like lightning as do most programs…i’m a giant linux & gnome fan, though i develop on solaris for a living…these guys definitely have a kick ass os. it will be nice to see it open and approachable like linux…

#4 horsh on 11.23.05 at 12:49

try -xdebugformat=stabs

#5 horsh on 11.23.05 at 13:16

And a friend of mine suggests you to check that
you have the required package installed in your system:

$pkginfo -l SPROdwrfb