GStreamer 0.10.0 is out!

Noticed on freshmeat today that GStreamer is about 6 years old now. And we celebrate that by doing the first release the new 0.10 stable series.
The amount of work gone into this release is staggering, but it feels mighty good. Sure there are still things missing, like decoders and demuxers for some formats, but all in all the framework is ready now. Worked on a release announcement which turned out pretty sweet, next step world domination!

2 thoughts on “GStreamer 0.10.0 is out!

  1. Hey Christian. I was wondering if you or another GStreamer dev could post some of the user-oriented benefits of this release somewhere (i.e. Maybe the speed increases allowing for the “scrubbing” in totem as demoed by Wim a few months back; better support for apps like PiTiVi/Diva, etc.).

  2. Don’t know if you just posted it or if I missed it before, but thanks for putting up that list. Very helpful. Great work on this release. It looks awesome and I can’t wait to play with the python bindings.

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