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So we are finally ready to start a beta program for some of the plugins we developed (Windows Media for intance). Due to this we are accepting requests from interested parties to join our beta program. If you are interested mail me at christian at fluendo dot com, and tell me what distro you are using and also if you have some basic linux/unix skills (like being able to run gdb and get a backtrace.

Those accepted into and how participates in the beta’s will get a free copy of the final plugins.

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  1. I have some working knowledge of gdb in proprietary applications. Generally strace is enough for me. But my experience is enough for me to get a backtrace.

    I currently use multiple distros:
    – RHEL 4 AS x86
    – Fedora Core 4
    – Fedora Devel (rawhide)
    – Ubuntu 5.10
    – Sun Solaris 11 Nevada Project (currently build 28)
    – MacOS X 10.4.3 build 8F1111a the HP Laptop.
    I also have access to multiple Windows installations and am able to test on other distros and operating systems (such as FreeBSD) on the available hardware.

    The machines are:
    – HP d530 Bussiness Desktop
    – HP dc7100 Bussiness Desktop
    – HP Proliant ML350 Server
    – HP Proliant DL385 Server with Dual Opteron 275 Processor
    – HP zd8000 Laptop with EM64T Pentium IV 630 Processor – mine
    – Custom AMD Athlon XP 2800+ (Barton) system – mine
    – Custom AMD K6-III 500 MHz – mine
    – Custom AMD K6-II 550 MHz – mine
    – HP Vectra VL-600 Pentium III 850 MHz Bussiness Desktop
    – Sony Vaio PCG-GRX500K Pentium IV M Laptop
    – IBM PS/1 2133-w13 80386sx 25MHz 16MBytes RAM 3.45 BogoMIPS (running 2.6.9) – mine :))
    Full specs available upon request for each system. I am only allowed to lend two test systems from the company at one time. Please note that I also own a few systems in the list.

    I have advanced development/administration knowledge with Linux, and medium knowledge in FreeBSD, Solaris and Darwin.

    Clarification: I consider advanced to be something like “I write my own spec files and do anything I please with it” while medium should resemble “I recompiled the kernel and can use-it as a desktop anytime”.

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