Christmas is over

So I am back from Norway after spending Christmas at my mothers place. Had a nice time in Norway and got my batteries recharged. Also discovered that my family must have felt I was in lack of shirts as I got 7 of them for Christmas, and a necklas which I traded in for an extra pair of cufflings.

Also ended up reading
The Shadow of the Wind
by Carlos Ruiz Zafon. It had gotten rave reviews back in Norway and being set in Barcelona I thought it could be an interesting read to get to know the city a little more. The book did not appeal to me much, to somber and depressing. Even if the book had a in many ways happy ending it tasted to strongly of entropy for my taste. I am going to try to go out and look for some of the locations mentioned in the book though, as a way to learn more about the city I live in if nothing else.