A very pleasant experience

Some time ago I asked about the ‘best’ http library to use. In the end we had to decide between libsoup and neon. I was partial to libsoup, but since part of the reason we wanted this new http element for GStreamer was to have an element to offer non-gnome projects like Amarok, the choice ended up being neon.

Anyway the incredible Edgard Lima did the hacking and today we have a sparkling neonhttp plugin in our CVS repository. It turns out however that Shoutcast servers aren’t 100% http compliant, having a slight variation of http called the ICY protocol. libneon didn’t like this very much. Luckily the libneon maintainer Joe Orton was willing to make libneon accept even ICY traffic as soon as we explained the issue to him and the next version of libneon will accept also ICY traffic.

A big thanks to Edgard for making the plugin and to Joe for being so helpful and pleasant to work with resolving the issue we had.

One step closer to world domination :)

Fluendo MP3 plugin and Sun

Also nice to see Brian and Sun looking into using our MP3 plugin with JDS. One thing which I think some people missed is that you can of course use the code to add mp3 support to your system, even without signing a contract with Fluendo, as long as you have your own mp3 license from Frauenhoffer/Thomson, which Sun do. Regarding the the other points of Brian posts, I did merge the sunaudio plugin patches to both our 0.8 and 0.10 trees yesterday, and the missing file is taken care of long ago :)