Finally Ogg Vorbis works on the 770

Edgard Lima did it again, after a lot of hacking on his side and a lot of testing on my we finally got Ogg Vorbis playback working on the 770 using GStreamer 0.10 and the Tremor (Integer Vorbis decoder) working.

Using a pipeline like this:
gst-launch-0.10 gnomevfssrc location= ! tremor ! dsppcmsink

I was able to listen to the Europa Plus Ogg stream. The CPU usage was about 25-30% on the ARM, but turning of some of the debug stuff etc., should cut it down a little more.


Attended my last board-meeting on Wednesday. It was the transition meeting between the new and the old board. We talked about what had happened over the last year, what experiences we had both good and bad in terms of work processes and so on. And some discussion about funding levels and sources of income.

I have great hopes for this new board and I think that they are in an excelent position to make good things happen this year. Meanwhile those of us not on the board will continue with the most important part, making sure GNOME rocks and moves fast forward.

GStreamer 0.10 and multimedia playback

Edward have been working on a mediatestsuite for GStreamer 0.10. It contains a ton of files which we use to test GStreamer’s performance in terms of playback. You can
see a relativly new test result ouput here
. These files are a collection of the worst and thoughest files around (some easy pickings to of course), horribly muxed and badly/non-standard encoded. We are working our way through them, by making first none of the files cause a crash first and then making sure as many as possible suceed. Of course a lot of the crasher fixes also fix playback issues so even the short term crasher work help with the long term sucess percentage. I think its safe to say that your own playback percentage should be much better unless you are getting most of your media clips from a really horrible source :)

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