Jono Edit off to flying start

Seems the effort Jono kicked off to create a Cubase replacement for Linux using GTK, GStreamer and Python has managed to get of to a flying start. Check out Jono’s blog for some details. Nice screenshot too.

In the cool apps department, it would be cool to have a GStreamer version of Zapping.

3 thoughts on “Jono Edit off to flying start

  1. Zapping is advertised as designed for GNOME; why not try to change its backend to GStreamer, only?

    This would be so much easier than writing a new ‘frontend’ with a new name, a new homepage, a new repository, new advertising, etc… Additionally, a new GStreamer frontend might end as a partially finished effort somewhere on the web — being just another dead end that users may follow, led by Google, or another user on a mailing list, and wasting their time.

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