I have no idea which one is the best of aiglx and Xgl. But I am happy that the primary goal of both these groups is to make my desktop look better. Having both groups release demo videos of GNOME in action using their technologies will be a great marketing for GNOME.


This week has been crazy. The amount contract work combined with a sprinkle of phone conferences and general correspondence felt neverending, mixed in with various phone conferences and I felt quite stressed out at times. Missed having Julien around to run things by, but I could hardly fault him for not being here as his son Leon was born. A big congratulations to both Julien and Noelle with this latest addition to their family.

Hopefully next week I will have more time again to help push out more plugins into the beta program and get our Solaris plugins underway.

1 thought on “XGL vs AIGLX

  1. Re XGL/AIGLX: I agree!

    It’s pretty crazy. We’ve got a lot of free / open-source code that does some really jaw-droppingly cool and even useful stuff. I know people who would *kill* to have this sort of thing developed for Linux, and here we have it, today, open-source.

    Wait, actually, we have *two* groups with competing implementations fighting over who can make my Linux desktop cooler. Who could have dreamed of this day?

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