A long weekend in Norway

So I went back to Norway for the weekend. My main reason for going was to cheer up my mother who had been sick and undergone as lot of testing lately as the doctors feared for a while that she had gotten cancer. While back I also used to the chance to connect with some of my friends in Norway again.

I re-discovered is that doing stuff in Norway do cost a shitload of money. One night I went out with Kjartan Maraas and Owen Frasier-Green. We ate pizza, had a few beers and played snooker for a few hours. In the end the evening cost me almost 200 Euro, and that was for just me alone. Considering that my airplane ticket to Norway cost me almost 200 Euro sort of sets things in perspective :)

Anyway I think the trip back to Norway worked out well. That I felt like I returned after a two month vacation when stepping into the Fluendo office today probably means I had an eventful four days in Norway :)

1 thought on “A long weekend in Norway

  1. 200 Euros! I go home to Ireland every year and I thought that was expensive. But, 200e could buy you buy 3 to 5 nights of pizza, beer and pool … I knew most of the Nordic nations were expensive but that is more than I had imagined. I’ve always wanted to visit one or more of the Scandinavian nations but I guess to do so I’ll have to really budget.

    I hope your mother will be better.

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