Active weekend

Decided recently that I need to be more active during my weekends as I was feeling that I was letting them slip away to easily. So I set myself a goal of at least doing two things every day of the weekend. Started doing this weekend by goin to Montserrat which is a old church/convent in the mountains north of Barcelona. It was a very nice area and I walked around in the mountains for many hours enjoying the feeling of being outdoors and the beautiful scenery. Definetly going to go back there to explore further. In the evening I went to a stand up-comedy show in Gracia. They had pulled in some stand-up comedians from London and it great fun. Mike joined me there and I learned that Mike has an uncanny likeness to David Hasselhoff from our friends on the stage.

Sunday I went to see V for Vendetta at the local cinema. Loved the movie and combined with my recent viewing of Closer it increased my appreciation of Natalie Portman as an actress a lot. In the evening I went over to Matthieu’s place where he hosted a barbeque on his roof terrasse as a delayed house warming party. Mattheiu’s appartment is pretty nice even being very rustic. Nice view of the town from the terrace and short walk to the beach.

Elisa update

So Phillipe and Loic are working hard on getting a first version of Elisa ready to be announced/presented at GUADEC. One of the things they are currently working on is making sure it integrates with ViiV systems. Managed to take this screenshot today showing Elisa browsing the directories of the ViiV server. Lots of polish needed though :). Lionel has already made an agreement with David Vignoni for doing graphics for Elisa (the current temporary graphics used are taken from various existing icon sets, mostly Crystal afaik). David has done work for us before, doing a set of icons for Flumotion (which we haven’t fully included yet due to letting it block on a more generic ‘cleaning up the Flumotion GUI’ task’)

4 thoughts on “Active weekend

  1. Hmm avoid the gaz usine MythTV became, maybe ? It’s so complicated to install/setup that one guy created a Knoppix based linux distro especially dedicated to MythTV. Don’t you think this is too much? Without mentionning software update nightmares :)

    And besides, Elisa aims to be platform independant. Also we plan to bring in many interesting features to make Elisa instances inter-operate

  2. I think the elisa intiative is something linux needs. Though I really like mythtv it’s to big and bulky. If the elisa keeps it small and fast it’s great.

    Thanks for the effort man

  3. mythtv and freevi can’t compete to a windows open source product like mediaportal. Mediaportal is very userfriendly and also usable when u don’t want a tv card(mythtv). So i love to see what elisa is capable of. And after all i want to use linux on my machine..

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