GStreamer and SoC

So the application period for Google Summer of code is this week, so any interested students should get their stuff together and start applying to any project of their liking. In addition to the projects mentioned in that previous blog entry also Mono, Ruby and Ekiga have GStreamer proposals too. And last but not least BBC will be accepting GStreamer and Schroedinger/Dirac related proposals as part of their SoC program. The GStreamer MXF container plugins might be better suited to run under the BBC header than under banner it currently resides. If you have any questions please come by the channel on or you could mail me at uraeus at linuxrising dot org, and I will try to put you in touch with the right people.

So multimedia is still considered a weak point for GNU/Linux systems, be sure to take on a project this summer that make that less so! Take on the right projects and we will be a huge step closer to multimedia nirvana when fall comes.