Got a camera or phone supporting video?

Edward is hard at work preparing a new release of the Pitivi non-linear editor. The goal of this release is to be able to transcode to Ogg anything you throw at it. Once that is done we have a solid base to build from and an application that does something genuinly useful for people.

One thing we want to make sure of is that we are able to handle all the videos created by mobile phones and digital cameras (non-dv cameras). So we ask that anyone who got such a device create a 5 second clip at transfer it to their system. If it plays in Totem (using GStreamer) or CVS Pitivi and you are able to seek in it then please just add a comment to this bugzilla entry stating the device that produced the clip. If it either doesn’t play or seeking is broken please attach the clip to that bug with a statement about what device captured it and what the problem is.

Update: Please attach a test video clip to that bug even if it works in Totem as there are cases where playback works, but we still hit problems when trying more advanced operations on the files.