First release of Elisa!

Ok, so after a successful launch during GUADEC this year we now have the first alpha release of Elisa ready. Elisa is for those who don’t know it already our mediacenter solution for GNU/Linux systems (it actually works on MS Windows too as demonstrated during GUADEC). Currently it only contains some basic playback functionality and there is precious little developer documentation. But long term it will be a full PVR/DVB enabled solution with full suport for UPNP/DLNA systems. We will also document out plugin format and write tutorials on how to make Elisa themes. Hopefully many people in the community will find Elisa usefull and interesting. So jump over to the Elisa website and grab the first version for testing or to look at our selection of screenshots and screencasts. The screencasts are both available as downloads or viewable on the site through the Cortado java applet. People interested should join the mailing list or visit us in the #elisa channel on

4 thoughts on “First release of Elisa!

  1. Awesome! I can’t say how cool this is. I have tried MythTv and Freevo, but I love the simplicity and that it is usefull without a tv caputure card. Great work! My fedora core laptop just got a litte “macier” :)

  2. As storage continues to get cheaper, I’d love to add-on a NAS storage “server” to contain my movies… yeah, I mean my DVD’s ripped in their entirety as ISO’s… at least some of my favorites. That would be a nice feature. Easy access to ripped ISO’s played like any other DVD through some kind of emulator back-end like Daemon Tools for windows.

  3. Hey the new site!!! Keep up the good work. I’ll send you text sometime. If you’re home at any time we’ll have to meet up for a pint in the Crown again. Have a good one

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