Elisa Press release finally out

So finally managed to put out the Elisa press release. It had been a good while since we last sent out a press release so it was good to get it out and hopefully get in the habitt of doing them more often.

Loic also put up some new pages on the Elisa Wiki describing the split-out of the Toolkit from the application. Very nice overview of what features are in the toolkit, how it works and where we are seeing it go forward. Also based on a discussion I had with Matthew Allum we added OpenGL ES as an explicit target for Elisa.

In other cool news so did Stuart ‘Young Whippersnapper’ Langridge put up a webpage for Jackfield. Jackfield for those you missed Stuart’s talk during GUADEC is a engine for running MacOSX Dashboard applets under GNOME. Be sure to check it out and send Stuart patches to make your favourite Dashboard applet work.