So I decided to take a look at the new Gst-Editor that was developed as part of the Google Summer of Code. Took me a little time to locate the homepage of goocanvas and the homepage of pygoocanvas which the new editor depends on, but after a little googling I had it all put together. Even built packages of both for FC6. Here is a little screenshot of the new editor in action:

gst editor image

The application looks nice but it is a bit more like a proof of concept than a truly useful application at this point. As the screenshot shows it can create and run 1-to-1 pipelines only currently, which makes using it to prototype and test pipelines for applications like Jokosher or Pitivi impossible. As you see from the screenshot I tried to make a pipeline for transcoding a file to Ogg/Vorbis/Dirac, but I was unable to hook the audio part of the pipeline inn as the decodebin and oggmuxer only accepted one connection. But hopefully we can get the project moving forward again and make it a truly useful development tool. An a big plus point was that unlike the old editor for 0.8 it didn’t crash for me when testing it :)

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