New Elisa out with Trick modes support

The Elisa media center team did a new development release yesterday. One of the exciting features of this release is the support for trick modes. This means you can do things like fast forward or half speed forward playback. Also for Ogg files with Ogg Theora video you can do reverse playback of the files. So if you have ripped any movies using Thoggen or KungFu you can now play them with Elisa and ‘rewind’ when needed if you want to take a closer look at a scene. The nice thing is that reverse playback like forward playback can happen at a multitude of speeds.

Its nice to have a software package out there enabling trick modes making it available as a visible feature to end-users :)

One thought on “New Elisa out with Trick modes support

  1. The freevo project just added this in, although somewhat limited to certain types of video file and specific speeds it does work. I believe with supported media types it can even do an audio pitch adjustment when playing faster than normal speed.

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