Jokosher on Solaris

Thanks to our friends at Sun we have a SPARC box running Solaris in the office which we use for various development. Yesterday Jan was trying to figure out why gst-python had problems under Solaris. This patch and the problem was solved so Jan moved on to trying to run Jokosher on Solaris. The application started, but Jan was not able to to get it to do much. What hindering Jokosher on Solaris seems to have two major components, one was our Solaris install lacking HAL which Jokosher needs and which newer versions of Solaris has, the other was some hardcodings of the GStreamer ALSA plugin in Jokosher. Jokosher switching to autoaudiosink should solve part of that and if we put together an autoaudiosrc plugin Jokosher should in theory be able to run well under Solaris also. Anyway if we manage to have Jokosher work without any changes on both Solaris and Linux there should be nothing stopping us from getting it running under Windows and MacOS X as well without further changes (apart from audio source plugins for GStreamer for those architectures). An audiosrc plugin is incoming from Sebastian Moutte soon so maybe Jokosher 0.3 will be available for both Linux, Solaris and Windows.

3 thoughts on “Jokosher on Solaris

  1. jaduncan: Mr Schaller knows pretty well where we are with things :) We’re looking at this autoaudio* stuff at the moment.

    Christian: a Windows/Mac OS port might be semi-problematic; as you note, we need HAL, and we also use gnomevfs and a few other Gnome things. As I understand it, stuff like that sorta-kinda exists on Windows and the Mac OS, but not brilliantly…

  2. Get yourself Solaris Express b53 or later and you’ll get all the hot HAL goodness, along with GNOME 2.16. We’re currently working on getting builds of GNOME 2.17 – I’m sure Brian can steer you in the right direction if you’re keen.

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