Help us test Decodebin2

So if you have the latest release of GStreamer plugins-base installed (0.10.11) you also have the next generation decodebin available. Decodebin2 is our much improved autoplugger which automatically connects pipelines in your playback appications. Currently it is not enabled as the default one so we need the community to give it a run to make sure it is robust enough for us to switch to. The easiest way to test it is to set the USE_DECODEBIN2=1 environment variable before running Totem or Rhythmbox or any other ‘playbin’ using GStreamer application. That will automatically switch you over. Any bugs you find while testing this which do not happen when using the old decodebin would be most appreciated reported to bugzilla.

2 thoughts on “Help us test Decodebin2

  1. I was wondering… what’s the difference between this and the old decodebin? I mean, I’m sure the back end is rewritten and such, but is there any benefit to the end user that I should look for?

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