GStreamer on the server side

At Fluendo we have been using GStreamer as the engine for the Flumotion streaming service for quite a while now. But it is nice to see that other companies using GStreamer on the server is starting to make their mark too. Seeing
this article on
about Snocap making a deal to allow artists to sell music through MySpace reminded me that I know Snocap is also using GStreamer for their system. I don’t have any details, but the fact that all their job adds mention the need/advantage of having GStreamer experience is clear sign :). For those that don’t know Snocap its the latest venture of Shawn Fanning, the creator of Napster.

Anyway, anyone reading this using GStreamer to power their websites or services I would love it if you posted a comment on it. Always nice to hear how people use GStreamer to solve practical challenges.

One thought on “GStreamer on the server side

  1. Hi,

    I have been using gstreamer for a while now to do software radio related digital signal processing.
    At you can access our experimental setup where you can get live streams with both the real radio’s signal and the output of the software radio.

    Also on that site you will find links to the start of ‘MURX’ a Multi Use(r) software Receiver. The hart of this application which is done completly with gstreamer elements.


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