Tried eating an OLPC laptop?

So we have one of those cute little green OLPC laptops here at the Fluendo office. What suddenly struck me today is how much it looks like a children’s toy, which is appropriate considering who it is targeted at.
But I am sure things like Fischer Price toys go through a lot of child safety testing to make sure they for instance are not poisonous. So the question is have anyone tried eating parts of their OLPC to make sure we don’t risk killing any kids somewhere with it? Or do I need it pick an office volunteer to try eating some OLPC to make sure its truly safe for the worlds children?

5 thoughts on “Tried eating an OLPC laptop?

  1. send me one, I’ll eat anything – hell I already showed my insanity by betatesting your codec pack.

    I wonder if this is any better with Heinz ketchup than the cheaper brands of pasta.

  2. I am a Child Development major… about 14 weeks away from receiving my degree. I know you’re half joking with this, but it’s a VERY valid question, especially if we are expecting pre-schoolers or younger to be using it. Sometimes, 3 year olds will still put things in their mouths… not only do we have to worry if it is poisonous, but we also need to make sure it will not shock them.

    The other thing to keep in mind is that kids are very experimental and fidgety. We need to make sure the keys on the kyboard, and anyother small parts, are very secure. Kids will pull at them, pick at them, just to see if they can get them off and get a closer look.

    I really hope these things are being taken into consideration.

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