A cool video blogging idea

A bunch of us from Fluendo where out yesterday at a local bar with Internet access. As such things go we started playing a bit with our Nokia 800’s and the video conferencing feature. What suddenly struck me is that it would be great to have a small application which connects to a googletalk account and just listens for incoming talks. You should then be able to call this account and the application will just accept the inncoming talk and then record it to disk, by muxing it into a container format and maybe transcoding it to Theora/Vorbis. That way you have a easy way to record little video blogs as you travel around and store these on your home computer. The next step then of course would be some kind of youtube extension that let you upload the video clips automatically to youtube or something like that :)

Just proposed the application to the Make it with Mono competition that Miguel blogged about recently. Hopefully it will make it through the moderation so I can try plugging it when the voting starts in April. Should be fairly easy to build this on top of GStreamer and Telepathy (which are also used in the Nokia 800)

2 thoughts on “A cool video blogging idea

  1. This would totally raise my perception of usefulness of the device. The N800 seems to be a marketed as a generic computer device now. I would much more prefer a few cool tasks this device would solve. Video blogging is one.

    Take pictures with your phone, browse them through OBEX or copy them over to the device, do simple edits on the super high res screen (crop, exposure, white balance), upload to flickr, auto-poke IM contacts tagged with ‘flickr stalkers’.

    Play music from DAAP shares (Banshee, Tangerine, Rhythmbox) at home, with the device hooked to your stereo. Listen to internet radio stations (with a nice maintained radio station list like Banshee does).

    Control your computer with the ultimate bluetooth remote (DVD playback, music playback).

    A wet dream would be a slideshow controller (N800 + notebook hooked onto a projector). Controlling a slideshow from your hand, seeing the next slide that’s coming, being able to jump to any slide…

    Video Conf Calls
    I believe the device does that already. Have it on the table and enjoy multi-party conference calls.

    Now that would sell the device a whole deal better I guess :)

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