GStreamer and Google Summer of Code 2007

So in order to not miss out like last year we have managed to get our
application for participating in Google Summer of Code submitted in time this year. So if everything goes as we hope GStreamer will be a separate GSoC project this year. We invite any application developer using GStreamer to add projects proposals to our SoC2007 wiki in addition to any GStreamer ‘internal’ proposals you might have.

UK trip

So I spent most of this week in England doing various meetings. Spent Monday and Tuesday at Brunel University participating in a project meeting for a EU project we are involved inn. While the University buildings didn’t look terribly exciting I have to say that my impression when walking around campus was that they have managed to create a very interesting multi ethnic environment at Brunel with a very wide specter of cultures and backrounds and without any specific one to be the clear majority.

On Tuesday evening I headed down to London and crashed at Matthew and Soz place. Its always a blast to hang out with Matthew exchanging the latest news and discussing items of shared interest. Still think his dogs looks freaky though, but it also has to be said that I don’t think I ever met more friendly and good natured dogs either.

Wednesday morning I went travelled into downtown London to have a meeting with Dolby. My contact at Dolby was a nice fellow named Andy Dowell who funnily enough was going to Barcelona later the same day.
Might be heading over to Dolby HQ in the US later this year to discuss further how we can work together as it turned out we and Dolby might have further common interests than I first thought.

After the Dolby meeting I took the train up to the English heartlands, that tranquil place where people live a happy and content life following in the footsteps of their forefathers. This place, also known as Wolverhampton, is also the location of four large gents who wants to turn this rural paradise into the information technology pulpit of England. We did a recording of LUGRAdio in the evening where apart from serious topics related to Linux and open source we managed to discuss embarassing sexual desires and orange underwear.