GStreamer and Google Summer of Code 2007 (part 2)

Ok, so it seems GStreamer didn’t make it into GSoC this year. I haven’t gotten any official explanation and I don’t think I will ever get one either. What it do seem like is that most projects which participated last year got close to automatic re-approval unless they fucked up last year. This is course meant the number of slots open for new organisations was very small and looking at the new entries compared to last year it seems they focused on getting organisations doing something that felt a little different from the already participating organisations. So while I part of my feel almost insulted on behalf of GStreamer looking at some of the projects accepted, I think it is important to remember that they are there because they where there last year and did a decent job of mentoring their students, not because Google did any kind of importantance/relevance evalulation of the participating projects.

For for students looking into doing GStreamer related projects my suggestion is the same as we proposed last year and which worked out well for many students. Submit your proposal to another project which is relevant for your proposal, the most easy targets being GNOME and KDE for application projects using GTK+ and Qt. But also other projects are of course possible candidates.

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  1. Christian, I added a link to the GStreamer SoC idea page at the bottom of the GNOME SoC idea page. If you have a chance to update the format of the ideas to match what we have on the GNOME page, you could bring the ideas over individually. I’m sure several of those ideas would make perfect sense under the umbrella of GNOME SoC.

    Sorry for the bad news, GStreamer is an awesome project. I was excited that Haiku made it this year, but honestly a lot more good would come out of GStreamer participation, IMHO.

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