GStreamer GSoC Projects

Dirk Meyer of the Freevo mediacenter project gst-devel today pointing to
the Freevo summer of code projects page. As you can see they have a lot of GStreamer related things as they are moving a lot of their infrastructure over to GStreamer these days. So I strongly encourage interested students to sign up for Freevo projects.

Aaron Bockover pointed on his blog to some interesting Banshee projects which also involve GStreamer, like making a GStreamer using Windows port of Banshee work perfectly. You find these projects here.

Also a general note to mentoring organisations who have students submit interesting GStreamer related proposals, please be aware that there are many people in the GStreamer community willing to mentor/co-mentor such projects. So if you need mentors with strong GStreamer knowledge for your projects please let us know.


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#2 Orion on 03.17.07 at 05:18

Hi Christian,

You should read that :

Especially that :
# Working with Opera via WHATWG on

* Unencumbered Ogg Theora decoder in all browsers
* Ogg Vorbis for
* Other formats possible
* DHTML player controls

# For all browsers, not just Firefox

#3 Quim Gil on 03.18.07 at 06:56

Hi, maemo got approved and we are happy receiving projects and mentors with a GStreamer & mobile focus.

PS: Congratulations for surviving a LugRadio show!