Are you a big baby and are you also going to GUADEC?

Well then you are in luck. Edward just pointed me to the budget airline bmibaby (pronounced ‘be my baby’) which offer budget fligths directly to Birmingham which will save you quite a bit of both time and money compared to flying into a London airport (cost me a total of 70€ in train tickets the last time going back and forth to Wolverhampton/Birmingham). If you are flying to London I do recommend Stanstead over Luton though, unless you are comfy with the UK public transport system as the train from Stanstead goes directly to Birmingham, while you need to switch twice when going from Luton by train.

2 thoughts on “Are you a big baby and are you also going to GUADEC?

  1. Hi Christian,

    Another handy site for budget airlines that fly into Birmingham and elsewhere is

    It might also be worth looking at flights into Coventry too as that is not much further :)

    See you at LRL and GUADEC :)

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