Sizeable community

Due to being asked about it I checked the number of subscribers today to gstreamer-devel mailing list. Turns out we have 723 people subscribed to the list at this point. I don’t know if that is a lot of not as I don’t admin that many other mailing lists, but it seems a respectable number for a development mailing list for a fairly low level library.


#1 Daniel Díaz on 05.20.07 at 02:42

The Inkscape-devel mailing list counts 354 members, with the user mailing list numbering some 518 members. Inkscape, of course, is a very different kind of product.

#2 Alberto Ruiz on 05.20.07 at 08:14


GStreamer is becoming the best multimedia framework for UNIX in terms of API quality and codecs covering.

Keep up the good work!