Growing fast

Update: These days working at Collabora Multimedia the world leaders in GStreamer consulting.


#1 pclouds on 05.30.07 at 23:27

Do you plan to make prebuilt binaries for Windows?

#2 Christian on 05.31.07 at 00:05

Sebastian already hosts such on his webpage. He is also currently in the middle of migrating those pages to the official GStreamer website.

#3 Peteris Krisjanis on 05.31.07 at 01:13

Man, this is have been one hell of a ride! :) When I started with Gstreamer and Totem in 2004, it was buggy as hell and everyone loathed it. However, I liked idea of universal multimedia processing framework and sane multimedia video player in GNOME, so I followed stream of news and blog posts.

Fast forward, year 2006. Dapper is released and man, Gstreamer rocks foundations of mplayer/gxine rooted deeply in geek’s psyche.

Switched to Gstreamer and never looked back again. Kudos to you, Fluendo and rest of Gstreamer folks for doing difficult, hard but necessary job.