Coherence and the PS3

So I have been spending quite a few evenings and hours recently working with Frank Scholz on sorting out the compatability issues between Coherence and the Playstation 3. The playstation 3 being a DLNA device turned out to be not very keen on communicating with systems only doing the ‘upnp a/v’ specification. So I gave Frank ssh access to my home machine and he tested various changes to coherence while I watched how my PS3 reacted to those changes.

It took us quite some time, but in the end we managed to get things working very well. When we reviewed our progress so far we very pretty happy with our progress. I was able to play mp3 songs, view photos both stored locally on my laptop and from Flickr. And finally we also got MPEG2 video playing fine. We still need to do more testing though to make sure all supported formats play well, currently that should include AC3 audio, WMA audio and MPEG4 video at least.

The automatic transcoding also needs more effort to work. But all in all this looks quite good currently and while we tested with the coherence test server all these features (and more) should automatically work in Elisa.

5 thoughts on “Coherence and the PS3

  1. I’m quite confused with so many service discovery frameworks. Anyone can explain the state of these frameworks. I though that Avahi was relatively advanced.

    And as a framework isn’t python a bad idea? I mean, it’s no so fast, and it cannot be used in applications written in C++ for example.

  2. Avahi is for DAAP, while GUPnP and Coherence is for uPnp. DAAP is mostly confined to the Apple world, while ‘everyone’ else is going for uPnP.

    As for being in Python, well its great if you are using Python like we are in Elisa.
    There is no performance issue as the media handling is done in GStreamer (which is C).

    But of course GUPnP is a great choice if you want a C library (once its finished)

  3. So…what kind of changes did you do?? These are great news, I’m strongly interested about how to do it!!!

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