Set up in Cambridge

So I arrived in Cambridge on Saturday, meeting up with Alp and our new landlord Bernard at the house. The house is a pleasant little two story building with a small garden at the back. Seems Cambridge decided to give me a warm welcome as its been blue skies and sunny since I arrived. Will posts some photos of the place as soon as my camera arrive with the rest of my furniture and apparel in a few days.

Its a bank holiday today, but I took care of the most important thing today anyway; ordering internet access for the house. Or rather I picked the package and then had Alp put in his details as I still don’t have a UK bank account.

3 thoughts on “Set up in Cambridge

  1. Welcome to the area! You were lucky with the weather – it was foul for the preceding week (actually, for the preceding several months, mainly). Hopefully it’ll be a nicer autumn.

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