The end of a bug

Wim finally closed bug 320984 today. This is the Chained Ogg bug which has been open in GStreamer bugzilla since 2005. So with the CVS version of playbin2 we can finally handle these files properly in GStreamer. While the amount of chained ogg files out there is limited there are at least a few internet radio’s using them for their streams.

With the recent work being done here at Collabora by Pierre-Luc Beaudoin enabling the HTML5 elements in GTK Webkit using GStreamer, it is good to know that even these ‘corner case’ Ogg files can now be properly supported. Will of course still be some Months before this feature has made is way from our development repository to being packaged by your favourite distribution, but at least know it is on its way :)

4 thoughts on “The end of a bug

  1. Finally I can start using Rhythmbox as my main music player!

    Since now I have to use player not based on gstreamer (xmms, vlc) to listen to web radios.


  2. Woo! FINALLY! This is great news for me. I should thank the man responsible directly.

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