GStreamer and Schrodinger in Google Summer of Code 2008

So I am very happy to see that GStreamer this year is a Google Summer of Code organisation. And not only did GStreamer get approved, but Schrodinger also got its approval. A big thanks to Google and Leslie for this. There is a proposed task list both for GStreamer and for Schrodinger-Dirac. On a related note David Schleef got the new Schrodinger website up and running, and while it is still a bit bare on content we will start to migrate over any useful content left on the old site and at the same time have it re-direct to this new one.

So I hope to see a lot of student proposals for both GStreamer and Dirac/Schrodinger projects. And if you have an idea not on the current list of ideas do not let that discourage you from proposing something.

For people wanting to do GNOME or KDE applications using GStreamer I suggest you propose the project to both us and them, but make a note in the application that you have done so. Also note if you feel your primary need for mentorship will be on the GStreamer or GUI side of things. That way we can talk between ourselves on the mentoring organisations side of things and figure out what we can do.