Summer of Code Projects


Seems the slot count for Summer of Code is now as close to set in stone as it will be so I guess its time to announce the four projects that got approved as part of the GStreamer SoC.

First our we got Thiago Sousa Santos who will be writing a mp4/qt/3gpp muxer for GStreamer. This will fill a big hole in our current lineup of muxers. This project will be mentored by Wim Taymans.

Then we got  Brandon Lewis working on Pitivi. He will among other things be adding still image and transitions support to Pitivi. This project is mentored by Edward Hervey.

The third project is Richard Ronald Spiers working on MSN support in Farsight2. This means that any Farsight2 using application will be able to communicate with MSN users. This project is mentored by Olivier Crête.

And last but not least is Roberto Fagá Jr who will be working on a video transcoder using GStreamer. Another critical project as it will help us keep our muxers and encoders well tested and working. This project will be mentored by Stefan Kost.


The Dirac project ended up with two projects in this years Summer of code. Matthias Bolte will be working on OpenGL acceleration for Dirac and  Bart Wiegmans will be working on a Java implementation of Dirac. Both projects to be mentored by David Schleef.


As every year a ton of GNOME projects got approved. Of special interest to the GStreamer community is the DVB Manager to be done by Sebastian Pölsterl, the Cheese OpenGL effects by Filippo Argiolas, Empathy bases IRC client by William Christopher Farrington, speech recording for tomboy notes by Gabriel Geraldo França Marcondes and Corvalan Cornejo Gabriel working on Empathy VoIP support.

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  1. would be nice if some work would go on fixing bugs with gst-plugins-bad / -ugly

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