Sebastian Dröge joins Collabora Multimedia

Thought I should let the world now we have a new employee at Collabora Multimedia. I think most of you know him already as Sebastian Dröge is one of the biggest patch reviews and bug fixers in the GStreamer community already. While Sebastian will be helping out with some of our internal projects we also plan on letting Sebastian continue his great community work. In fact the first assignment we have given him is simply to try to help out with some hard bugs thats been troubling Jokosher for a long time. So a big welcome to Collabora Sebastian, and an especially big thanks for starting your new job by taking GStreamer once again out of the top 10 bugzilla list :)

5 thoughts on “Sebastian Dröge joins Collabora Multimedia

  1. cool to hear some one is focusing on fixing Jokosher. But it would also be cool if you invest some time in Pitivi I think that is the biggest thing Linux is missing for adoption of Linux on the home desktop. Almost every one had a camcorder these days and people like to create a DVD of there recordings.

  2. Congratulations Sebastian! I’ve noticed the amount of bugmail I’ve got from you in the past week has increased considerably. :D

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