Long weekend in Amsterdam

I am heading down to Amsterdam tomorrow morning to attend IBC. Got a few meetings lined up, but I am also looking forward to hanging out with David Schleef and Jan Schmidt. I am looking forward to the conference as it will also be a big event for promoting Dirac Video.

It will be my first ever visit to Amsterdam, so I am looking forward to exploring the city. I heard they got great coffee places in Amsterdam :)


#1 sxpert on 09.10.08 at 19:11

see you on saturday ;)
what booth are you guys on ?

#2 ReinoutS on 09.10.08 at 23:12

Make sure you get to see some of the culture around town and better just avoid the tourist traps that those coffee places really are.

#3 Wouter on 09.11.08 at 05:57

By coffee place you mean coffee shop? ;)

#4 sxpert on 09.11.08 at 06:14

by “culture around town” you mean those scantily dressed ladies behind their windows ?