GStreamer in the press

I search for GStreamer and related topics on from time to time to see what kind of press coverage and interest there is. Usually it is interesting articles like this one about Songbird 1.0 and GStreamer, but sometimes I also come across some really silly stuff.

Today I found this press release which apart from mentioning linux and GStreamer is an incomprehensible collection of attempted buzzwords and random product names. I guess if one knew all the products and technologies from this company intimately already, one would have an idea what they are talking about. For the rest of us its just utter gibberish.

3 thoughts on “GStreamer in the press

  1. Also, the link at the bottom leads to – who are the guys that make the PowerVR 3D graphics modules found in (for example) the Nokia N800 and N810….

  2. I liked the “buy our hardware or the GPL will infect your cooooooooode” bit. “Oogedy-boogedy!” the CEO did not continue to say.

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