Interview with Sjoerd Simons about Empathy and Telepathy up

Posted my third multimedia interview today, this time with Sjoerd Simons about Empathy and Telepathy. In addition to talking about the current state of development for Telepathy and Empathy we cover some of the other major issues in the world of online communication, like service and protocol interoperability and codec support. So this is your chance to learn more about XMPP :)

This will be the last interview I post before Yuletide/New Years, but be sure I will have more interviews about topics such as Pitivi, GStreamer, DVD support (yes, I will interview the super coder we like to refer to as DVD-Jan) and more.

6 thoughts on “Interview with Sjoerd Simons about Empathy and Telepathy up

  1. Christian, thank you for providing those interviews, I’ve been reading all of them with great interest!

  2. Great interview!

    I love to follow the development of gstreamer, telepathy and empathy, so that interview is really interesting for me!! :)

    Thank you!

  3. Once again, nice interview! Its really cool hearing about the cutting edge of Gnome multimedia. Keep ’em coming.

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