The time of Git has arrived

The GStreamer project has long been the last bastion of CVS, keeping the fire burning for the first and true version control system. So while the rest of the world had their dalliances with a long string of version control systems, we stayed true to our first love.

But alas, sometimes even the mountains have to change, and after Obama called upon us to be the change we have decided to embrace the new world order, and GStreamer have now embraced Git. A big thanks goes to Edward for his work on making this happen. If you want to grab the GStreamer git Master repo be sure to check out our updated developers pages for information.

6 thoughts on “The time of Git has arrived

  1. Nope, the last bastion of CVS is Drupal. I doubt there’s any open source project as large as this one that is still using CVS. Despite regular outcries of some community members, Drupal isn’t even planning to switch version control systems in the medium term yet.

  2. Those are projects, though. I’m talking about the distribution. The package database is _huge_. Thousands of package specs/patches multiplied by 4-5 copies for different fedora/rhel releases = massive CVS repository.

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