In case people are wondering if I have stopped working on Transmageddon, I haven’t. It is just that I suddenly reached a point where I couldn’t google and look at other peoples code to do what I wanted so I have been stuck in a mode for some time now with writing small python applications to test various APIs and try to figure out who I can avoid harcoding the element names of my muxers and encoders. That combined with being in San Fransisco for a while to attend the CE Linux and Linux Foundation Collaboration summits has left progress slow.

Had a bit of a breakthrough today though when I finally managed to get an element factory to report back to me the GStreamer equivalent of a mimetype it supported as output, so hopefully I can sort out this snag and continue forward again at a brisker pace.

I am also still working on getting more GStreamer related interviews published on gnomedesktop, but the two people I am trying to interview currently seem to have engaged in a competition to see who will be the slowest to get back to me :)