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So I spent a lot of time this weekend hacking on Transmageddon. The result is that I got most of the needed code in place to do use profiles to transcode towards a specific device. The current code will scale down your video for instance, or resample towards a specific samplerate as specified in the profile. Got a screenshot of the current git here. Will be some time before a release though as there are lot of little bugs and issues that needs to be fixed and I depend heavily on GStreamer git currently for these profiles to work.

That said I have encountered two issues I am hoping someone in the community would be interested in tackling. The first is that in order to create files viewable on most phones out there I need AMR support. There current AMR plugin i -bad is a ugly fudge requiring you to download a tarball from the standards website and unzip it into the plugins structure. There is no need for this anymore as there is Apache licensed implementations of encoders and decoders for both AMR WB and AMR NB in Android. So if someone a bit familiar with C/C++ would be interested in trying to rip out these two libraries and turn them into GStreamer plugins I would be very grateful.

The code can be grabbed by doing:
git clone git://

The second task I would love some assistance with is creating an icon for Transmageddon. What I currently have in mind is a 3 window film strip, with the first windows being red, the second green and the last one blue. The green window part of the strip should be twisted around though so the blue window seen is on the ‘back’ of the film strip. But any nice looking icon would be welcome.

I plan on having some Transmageddon t-shirts made for GUADEC, so if anyone helps me out with either of these two tasks let me know your t-shirt size and I either bring the t-shirt to give you at GUADEC or if you are not attending I will send it in the post.

6 thoughts on “Help for Transmageddon

  1. @M: heh, well if you can explain me what should be in such a preset it is easy enough to add. If its just a ogg/vorbis/theora file with the same parameters as the input file then I don’t see the need as the ‘no preset’ option in Transmageddon already makes that very easy :)

    @Josh: well if this blog post doesn’t yield any logo/icon I will try contacting him :)

  2. I’m looking into making the presets translatable, but I have some ENOTIME errors. BTW please merge ;)

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