Pitivi release getting positive feedback

Seen quite a few very positive twitter feeds since Edward Hervey announced the pre-release of the PiTiVi video editor. Also saw this blog entry by Bryan Lunduke praising our latest efforts around PiTiVi. So all Pitivi sceptics out there, this is the time to give PiTiVi another look!

Nathan Willis wrote a nice article on lwn.net covering Transmageddon and Arista. If you are not a lwn.net subscriber you should seriously considering becoming so, or you just have to wait until the article becomes generally available next week.

To avoid scaring to many people away I also I finally updated the Transmageddon website today, so instead of looking like a 5 minute website it now looks like I at least gave it about an hour :)

9 thoughts on “Pitivi release getting positive feedback

  1. I admit not having seen the old version of the website, but the new one has some small issues in Firefox 3:

    * there are both horizontal and vertical scroll bars since a bit of the whitespace sticks out somewhere (my screen is 1280×800).

    * when you move your mouse over the menu items, the block of text below jumps up and down

    Since I’m not feeling guilt for offering criticism where none was asked, I’ll spend at least five minutes fiddling with the CSS to see if I can offer a patch.

    • Hmm, not sure what the horizontal scrollbar issue is, my screen and browser is much the same. As for the jumping I
      got that too, but I was unsure of how I should best fix it and in the end I preferred getting the site up instead of fiddling with that
      smallish issue.

  2. Well, you could share the LWN article link with your blog readers. LWN would not mind.

  3. To get rid of the horizontal scrollbar I had to change the width of #miniflex to be less than 100% *or* set the horizontal padding of #miniflex to 0 instead of 10px.

    Which is weird, as far as I understand padding should be included inside the width, unless you’re using MSIE 6, but I have Firefox here…

  4. To get rid of vertical jumping on hover, add

    border-bottom: 4px solid white;
    padding-bottom: 2px;

    to #miniflex a:link, #miniflex a:visited

  5. Those rounded corner images are pretty poor looking. You might as well use -moz-border-radius and -webkit-border-radius CSS properties to your main table. A -khtml version probably exists too.

  6. Nice program, but the website is damn ugly, sorry. But you can improve it very easily.
    1. Use Agave[1] to select a color theme.
    2. Use a sans-serif font[2] for the headlines
    3. Use a dark text with light background
    4. Remove the round corners, they look ugly
    5. Make screen-shots without the border around the program window. Gimp has an option for that.

    [1] http://home.gna.org/colorscheme/
    [2] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Serif

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