Transmageddon 0.11 ‘GUADEC Edition’

So in preparation for heading of to Gran Canaria and GUADEC on Thursday I pushed a new Transmageddon release today. 0.11 is actually the first release I posted to sites such as Gnomefiles and Freshmeat so in some sense I guess I feel more confident about this version that earlier ones. A lot of new features included, like multipass encoding, videoflipping (so if your video is 90 degrees tilted you can correct that during transcoding) and better profiles. Still kinda rough at the edges though, and the very latest GStreamer releases are needed for everything to work. Still expecting quite a few bugs to be reported still.

In some sense development have stood still for a while as I have focused on testing various devices and GStreamer features. Remuxing is still on my todo list, but discovered that for instance an ac3parser is still needed in GStreamer to
do nice DVD conversions.

Was kinda nice to successfully use Transmageddon for a business related need at work, we had gotten a request at Collabora Multimedia which meant I needed to transcode a video into quicktime+h264+aac from a .vob file. Worked like a charm :) I mean while I have of course done hundred of transcodes as part of development, it was nice to do one for something ‘real’ :)

4 thoughts on “Transmageddon 0.11 ‘GUADEC Edition’

  1. I’ve had some major issues trying to find something to convert videos to android-playable format lately (and arista being a real pita). Going to give this a go :)

  2. Hi, keep up the good work..

    I haven’t tried Transmageddon but will do tomorrow.

    One thing my linuxified mother is always asking for, is an easy way to compress videos so she can upload them to youtube.. because the digicam videos are most times mjpegs and quite big (and take years to upload)

    Profile: right resolution for youtube (or other sites) with a good default balance between filesize and quality.

  3. Hi,

    Thanks for this great app. What about moving everything over to GNOME infrastructure? The translation team can help translating Transmaggedon to other languages etc. and it will be easier for other hackers to help

  4. Are you looking for a packager? I am interested in packaging this for Ubuntu (and eventually Debian). Please drop me a mail offline in case no one else has already contacted you in this regard.

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