GStreamer Summit 2009

ok, so we ‘kinda’ got a room for tomorrow, Lab 2-6 at the University from 11.00 until 14.00. After two Months of emailing it turns out I am not even able to 100% reserve the room one day ahead, which is beyond ‘impressive’.

Anyway, anyone interested in attending the GStreamer Summit meet at Lab 2-6 at 11am tomorrow (Thursday) best case,we got a room and worst case we are at least assembled so we can go beat the crap out of Agustín.

2 thoughts on “GStreamer Summit 2009

  1. Yes, I’ll be at the info desk waiting for gstreammer guys to kick my butt….it looks like I deserve it for this.

    Finally we have been able to have more rooms than expected. It looks like I will be safe.

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