More important than the BBC

So the cast and crew of Syntax Era is filming outside today and will be filming a bit inside our office either today or tomorrow. The funny part I noticed though is that if you Google for Syntax Era, myprevious blog entry on Syntax Era is ranked higher than the official BBC page for the show. I guess that means I am more important in this new Internet era than the BBC is ;)

Thought I should mention that I got remuxing working in git master of Transmageddon. This means that for supported formats I will be able to preserve either or both of the original audio and video stream when converting to another container format. Still needs a lot of cleaning up before I release, but all the hard stuff is done.

One thought on “More important than the BBC

  1. Hi, Google results depend on your location and what Google knows about you from cookies (and if you use gmail and stay logged in, that is an awful lot). For example, here in AU I see your blog post as ranked 4th.

    Just thought I’d share this as I see similar blog posts saying ‘I rank 1st!’ all the time :)

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