Collabora at the Gran Canaria Desktop Summit

Collabora had a large group of people at the Desktop Summit this year, and also a very large group giving talks. Since most of those talks either have slides online now, or both slides and video recordings I thought I list a little summary here for those interested.

So following the random order of our internal wiki:

  • Edward Hervey did a talk and short demo of the great strides forward we are making with PiTiVi
  • Guillaume Desmottes did a talk about how to use tubes and telepathy to make GNOME a more collaborative desktop
  • The Orkney islands own Will Thompson did a talk about profiling and optimizing d-bus APIs. Wills talk is also available on video
  • Pierre-Luc Beaudoin did a talk about libchamplain and Geoclue and how to make a location aware desktop
  • Youness Alaoui did a talk about our firewall punching library libnice
  • Ian Monroe did a talk about qtscript bindings for Telepathy. You can watch Ian in action here.
  • Olivier Crête did a talk on how to integrate farsight2 into your project
  • In addition to this Wim Taymans did a tutorial on RTP development using GStreamer and Davyd Madeley lead a BOF about writing documentation.

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    #1 Velmont (Odin Hørthe)Name (required) on 08.02.09 at 20:38

    Why is it that all of this is all very interesting stuff? Oh my. Nice stuff.

    Also, didn’t know Youness (Kakaroto) was Collabora-employee. Remember him from my aMSN-days.